Sunday, 28 February 2010

Progress Update: Modeling the Dog

Here is my basic rigging

In the modeling of my Dog (that I have named Damon as he is evil) a lot has happened and I will keep all of the updates under this post.

Dog Images Used

For my modeling I have used 2 images one that is a side view of how I want my dog to look and one from the tutorial. I am obviously using my side view character design more as this is more important to the final model.

Legs and body

The modelling and rigging for my dog (Damon) is now finished. I am pleased with the result. To do the rigging I followed several different tutorials which I found on the Internet

Moving ears blend shape position. I will use this when my dog is walking and barking.

Sitting blend shape position

Barking blend shape position

Sad blend shape position

Here are the "Blend Shape" positions for the dog model that I have created. There is one problem though with the sitting down position. It will not work because the rigging does not move with the blend shape tool. Because of this it will not work properly when I try to animate the dog.

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