Sunday, 14 March 2010

Texture Choosing

I started asking myself before I rendered the scene "do I really want the dog to be a glowing ghost?". I thought about it and took screen shots (below) of my favourite choices. I decided that I wouldn't make him a glowing ghost because in most serious adult films (including The Shining) ghosts appear as normal human beings.

Here is the texture that I am going to use (above)

In this texture I added some transparency as well as a glow (below)

Here is my original idea of what to use as the texture, the dog with a glow but no transparency.

This picture below was probably my second favourite partly see-through and with not too much glow. One reason I didn't choose this however is because I decided I wanted the viewer to make the choice of whether it is a ghost or not (this is a little too ghost like).

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